Frequently Asked Questions

Why I should join RECpitch?

Whether you are passionate about startups, curious about emerging innovations or you just want to have fun discovering a new idea, voting and winning prizes on RECpitch is for you. We are creating a worldwide platform for pitch competitions where the community votes with their points for the idea they most like.
Startups get their idea validated and users get amazing prizes when they pick the winning company.
It’s an incredible way to learn, discover, have fun, and contribute to innovation.
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What I will get if I join the pre-sale campaign?

According to the package you choose, you will get a certain amount of points (RECpoints) to use on our platform. Joining us during the pre-sale will enable you to get more points to access our amazing offers inside the platform.
This will be a big plus for you, as well for the startup pitches you vote on.
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Which rewards are you giving and how?

When the startup you voted on wins a competition, you will earn more credits which can be converted into gift cards from our partners.
We will provide gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Steam, Nike and many more...

Is there a limit on points used in each competition?

You can vote with a limited amount of RECpoints in each competition, according to the contest rules. You will be free to vote for the pitch and the startups you like the most.
If the startup you voted for wins the competition, your points will be multiplied.

How are startup pitches chosen and presented?

RECpitch will evaluate all the material available.
Startups, Users, and Investors.
Based on a statistical analysis the platform will index pitches by topic, country and market demand.

How will the pitch competitions be organised?

Pitch competitions will have a short campaign duration of 15 days maximum.
On average each pitch will consist of a short video presentation which will include a desription about the project.
The goal is to give to the users the opportunity to reflect and analyze data, from the team to the products or services the startups are offering.

How will investors be attracted to the platform?

Investors will come through marketing activities, partnerships, collaborations with other companies and direct meetings.
RECpitch will aim to increase investor interest through those activities.
There will be several aspects managed by RECpitch after data matching and analysis. Through the support of the platform each startup will be able to decide how much equity is available to offer to each investor.

How will startups benefit from RECpitch?

Startups will be able to register their idea in RECpitch database. A startup that participates in a pitch competition will have the chance to validate their product or service in front of potential users worldwide.
They will receive votes and interaction from the community. They will receive important feedback and be able to scale-up easily. We are the first global Business Validation platform accessible to everyone.

When I will receive my points?

As soon as you join our presale campaign, you will get a confirmation email with a certificate of the package chosen and the amount of RECpoints granted. We will store your data and create an account for you as soon as the platform goes online.
The points will be ready in your account.

In what way is RECpitch a business validation platform?

RECpitch is a revolutionary platform that allows startups to get voted on by their potential customers. The idea is validated through the votes and and the amount of RECpoints that the users give to a certain startup. At the end of each competition the startup will receive a detailed report of the votes they received.

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